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Q. Do you charge clients a Brokers Fee? 

A. We do not charge Broker’s Fees. The Insurance Companies we contract with pay the agent commission. Our services are at no cost to the client.



Q. How am I getting the best deal? 

A. We shop major carriers for products that suit your need and budget.



Q. What is the difference between Medicare and Covered California? 

A. Medicare is available when you are 65 years old or disabled. The Affordable Health Care Act was generally created for those who are ineligible for Medicare, Medi-Cal, Veterans Insurance, or have Employer Group Insurance.



Q. What is the difference between Term Insurance and Whole Life Insurance? 

A. Term Insurance is generally less expensive because it gives you coverage for a specific period of time such as 10, 20, or 30 years. Whole life Insurance has higher premiums but accumulates cash value that can be used when needed.



Q. What is Final Expense Insurance? 

A. Final Expense Insurance can be used to cover funeral and burial or cremation costs.


Q. Why invest in fixed Annuities for Retirement? 

A. People typically buy annuities to help manage their income in retirement. Annuities provide three things:

Periodic payments for a specific amount of time: This may be for the rest of your life, or the life of your spouse or another person.

Death benefits:  If you die before you start receiving payments, the person you name as your beneficiary receives a specific payment.

Tax-deferred growth: You pay no taxes on the income and investment gains from your annuity until you withdraw the money.

Q. Why Long-Term Care Insurance? 

A. Long-Term Care Insurance generally covers home care, assisted living, adult daycare, respite care, hospice care, nursing home and Alzheimer's facilities. If home care coverage is purchased, long-term care insurance can pay for home care, often from the first day it is needed. It will pay for a visiting or live-in caregiver, companion, housekeeper, therapist or private duty nurse up to seven days a week, 24 hours a day (up to the policy benefit maximum.




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